Be your best, most authentic you – not for anyone else but YOU!

About me: I started out as a girl being very shy and nervous about putting myself out into the world.  Always being a bit taller than most of the other girls made it difficult for me to meet new friends and try new things, including sports.  It took many years for me to be confident and learn who I really was, develop confidence and learn to not worry about what others thought.  Now, I totally embrace life, love the adventure of trying new things and love taking on new challenges! 

In my community of Maple Ridge that I love dearly, I’ve found an amazing tribe of strong, courageous, adventurous women who lift me up, encourage me and make me laugh.  It made me think that, with my challenges as a girl, along with having learned to love life and build amazing friendships with amazing women, I could support girls to venture out in the world with confidence, health, kindness and the knowledge that they have a tribe of other girls that have their backs. 

I feel honoured to have the chance to go on a girls’ journey with her! 

In Maple Ridge, aside from being a serial entrepreneur since my 20’s, I volunteer and work with many community organizations and non-profits, including the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation, Alouette Addictions , the Maple Ridge Community Foundation and Kiwanis.  I am the Coordinator of our local Ridge Meadows Help-Portrait and annual World Vision 6K for Water.

In my spare time I love to run, hike and bike with family and friends and LOVE Obstacle Course Racing.  Outdoor adventures in our beautiful backyard keeps me healthy and makes every day exciting! 

I hope to have the chance to connect with you, and I invite you to join me in empowering the girls and women around you! 




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