Women in our community are on a mission – to both feel and give love, support, strength and encouragement.  As natural caregivers we embrace the opportunity to help others, but often don’t reach out when we need support ourselves.
We seek a tribe of like-minded, supportive, compassionate women to connect with, build relationships with, and feel safe with. Every woman wants to be part of something that gives a sense of inclusivity and allows her to be successful while being herself. Every woman deserves to live her life powerfully, authentically and fully.


We also like to have massive amounts of FUN!


Our goal at THRIVE is to provide women with opportunities for growth in a fun, supportive environment.  We want to help you flourish and offer empowering programs that include fitness, art, music, dance and more to help you find success, dream big and develop your true, powerful, confident, healthy self!


Women of all ages deserve programs that inspire them to love themselves – body, mind, spirit – in a supportive environment. The programs offered by Thrive are specifically designed to help women and their daughters feel empowered and adventurous!

Come and join our awesome TRIBE – and let’s work together to build your best, authentic, healthy, amazing self!

Only 9% of women say they are satisfied with how they look

  • Less than 60% of women would describe their health as “very good” or “excellent”
  • The level of stress that women experience because of being in a “sandwich generation” (taking care of children as well as elderly parents) is rising in Canada
  • 27% of women say they have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or mental illness
  • Studies suggest that social isolation has risk to the body equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day
  • Depression typically stems from low self-esteem, negative body image, media, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and stress
  • 34% of women say they have felt stressed to the point where it had an impact on how they lived their lives

We want girls to be confident, inspired and love themselves for who they are.

Our programs help develop strengths, interests, values and tools to become confident young girls and women in a safe, non-judgemental environment

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