Every girl wants to be part of something fun that gives a sense of inclusivity and allows her to be successful while being herself.  Every parent wants to see their daughter grow to be strong, confident and connected. Every woman deserves to live her life powerfully, authentically and fully.

Girls of all ages deserve a program that inspires them to love themselves – body, mind, spirit – in a supportive environment. The programs offered by Thrive are specifically designed to give girls the power they need to grow into tomorrow’s healthy and courageous community leaders.

It isn’t easy to battle the challenges facing girls in today’s environment, but through programs that include mentorship, support and a focus on healthy living, parents are seeing a positive change. Girls who were once shy and led by the crowd gain the confidence they need to be their authentic selves while extending kindness to others, exercising critical thinking and establishing positive relationships.

Does your daughter, or a girl in your life, need tools to help her Thrive? Take a look at our professionally designed programs proven to help girls grow into confident young women.

50% of girls say they wish they were someone else

  • Almost 500,000 girls have posted videos on YouTube asking “Am I pretty or Am I ugly”?
  • 60% of girls in BC who said they felt they were “too fat” were actually too thin
  • 50% of girls in grade 6 start dieting, jumping to 60% by grade 10
  • Approximately one out of three girls said they have starved themselves or refused to eat in order to become thinner
  • 36% of grade 6 girls say they are self-confident, dropping to 14% in grade 10
  • 25 % of girls say they are depressed at least once a week
  • By grade 10 girls are 3 times more likely to become depressed than boys
  • Depression typically stems from low self-esteem, negative body image, media and peer pressure, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness and stress

We want girls to be confident, inspired and love themselves for who they are.

Our programs help develop strengths, interests, values and tools to become confident young girls and women in a safe, non-judgemental environment

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